New Things Coming to The Next Great Meal

After a lot of thought about how to maximize the use of this blog, and make sure I am able to capture all my reader’s attention, I have decided to mix up the format a little. Change is good every once in a while, right! So, rather than long-form reviews of restaurant you will now see shorter, more succinct write-ups. It will still be the same great meals, and hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of them now!

I have also created a new ratings scale – NGM Rating (Get it? Next Great Meal Rating). Restaurants will be rated from A+ being the highest to F. I hope not to experience many Fs, but hey, anything’s possible. As always, I am interested in hearing readers’ feedback so please comment if you love/hate/or are indifferent to the new format.

To kick everything off. … Look out for a smattering of reviews this week from restaurants I have been to in the past couple months. It’s a good mix of new, old and otherwise, with lots of places I’d never tried before. We’ve got Bar Primi, Root & Bone, GG’s, The Randolph, Maialino, Marta and Alta included in the list. Expect the next great meals to keep rolling in from here.

Happy Eating!



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