Great Spirits at Dandy Wine

As a fan of both good wine and supporting local, I’m always looking for smaller wine shops with an eclectic selection. One of those gems in my neighborhood is Dandy Wine & Spirits. The owners are Williamsburg, Brooklyn locals and they’ve created a fun vibe and welcoming feeling with their shop. Before the pandemic, they also served great free tastings on Wednesday and Friday nights (I look forward to their return!).

When New York City started shutting down for the pandemic, Dandy was very quick to figure out how to get their inventory online, offer curbside pickup or delivery and serve the neighborhood good spirits (both of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic varietals!).

You can view Dandy’s full menu online and they frequently update it based on inventory.

I found them particularly helpful and friendly even when stress levels were probably high the week everything shut down in the city. I gave them a call, unsure of what I was even in the mood for, described very generally my wine “taste buds” and they instantly provided several selections (all of which ended up being very good!). I appreciated their patience with my indecision and their recommendations.

The staff has also brought good humor to this unfortunate situation. I get a chuckle most of the times I receive the newsletter or look at their Instagram page. The creativity and witty humor really shines with the “survival” packs they’ve concocted. You can choose from “Broke and Thirty,” “Bartender’s Choice,” and more. I told you they were fun.

In addition to serving up wine, spirits and smiles, Dandy is also contributing what it can to lift up the restaurant industry. It is one of 300+ retailers participating in the Ole & Obrigado’s national “Restaurant Relief Pack.” Fifty percent of the profits from sales of this pack will go to national and local organizations providing direct relief to hospitality employees. So, drink well with Dandy and do good!


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